The Eight Limb Path of Yoga

“Yoga is Union with Self, with Spirit, with one another.  The eight-limbed yoga system of the ancient sage, Patanjali, was written in the Yoga Sutras over 4000 years ago. It is an eight-step guide to Self-Realization,  Enlightenment, Bliss.

The steps are as follows:

1:    YAMA

The practice of 5 universal moral principles: Non-Violence, Truth, Non-Stealing, Transforming a vital force to a spiritual level, Greedlessness.


The practice of personal ethical disciplines: Purity, Contentment, Self-discipline, Self-Study, Surrender

3:    ASANA

The practice of physical postures. Helps to keep the body free from disease. Prepares body for meditation.


The practice of breath control. Moving and controlling your energy.


The practice of withdrawal of the senses. Develop willpower.


The practice of focused attention. Mental concentration

7:    DHYANA

The practice of mediation, unbroken mental focus.

8:    SAMADHI 

Self- realization. Enlightenment. Bliss.

In my classes you will practice limbs 3 through 7  leading you to Samadhi/Bliss