Kat’s Yoga Studio

Kat's Yoga Studio In Napa, CA Kat's Outdoor Yoga Studio in Napa Valley

Kat’s Yoga studio is a Zen style private home studio providing a cozy and peaceful environment with warm hardwood floors, artistic mandala’s, glowing beeswax candles and verdant gardens.

Located in the South-West area in the City of Napa, just 5 minutes from Downtown.

During the summer we practice “Yoga in the Garden” outdoors under the oak and redwood trees, with scents of nature and sounds of hummingbirds and bees. Bring warm layers.

Space is limited. Reservations required. At times the studio is at full capacity with a wait list for New Student attendance.

We are a private home studio. Please do not share home address or email address with the public, unless a personal referral.


Email your reservation for practice. Space is limited and there is often a waiting list. Please provide 24-hours notice for cancellation to avoid a $12 cancellation fee. There are no standing reservations, please reserve each week.

PARKING: We are located in a neighborhood and parking must be disbursed. Parking in front of studio and neighborhood is limited. If at all possible biking or walking to studio is wonderful!

Available locations: 2 spots on driveway (fill right spot in front of carport first), 3 spots directly in front of studio, 2 spots on Foster road NW side. Please do not park directly across the street or in front of neighborhood front doors and please utilize random spaces blocks away.

CLASS TIMES: Practice starts promptly on time. Please do not arrive at studio prior to 5 minutes of, unless new student. If you are running late, slow down and make a commitment to drop into your yoga practice. Live your yoga and arrive when you arrive.

ENTER studio through carport path located right of garage towards backyard entrance. Please refrain from socializing outdoors, keeping indoor voices please 🙂

Changing, restrooms available.

Please bring your Yoga mat & personal eye bag, if you have one. All others props will be provided. I have extra Yoga mats if you need one temporarily.

Aim to avoid food, caffeine and perfume application for 2 hours prior to practice. Remember to silence phone.