About Kat

Back in the late 70’s, I began my fitness career at age 16. It all started when I was a dedicated aerobic student in a small fitness club. The instructor was ill and a last-minute replacement was needed. Since I was a consistent student, they pleaded with my fear, asking me to lead my first aerobic class. I was hooked. Eventually the classes expanded to several gyms and included aerobics, trampoline aerobics and body sculpting.

After moving to Napa Valley in the early 80’s, I began teaching at La Cancha fitness center. With time, I became the aerobic director and went into club management.

My education within the fitness industry began with a certification on exercise with Hayward State University and continuous certifications with the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

In 1988, my career changed to the real estate field (Monopoly was always my favorite board game!). I continued teaching group exercise classes, eventually moving to Health Quest Fitness Center.

For many years, I continued to teach aerobics and body sculpting. When “step” became the next phase, I began to slow down and taught group stretch classes. Long gone were the days of teaching 6 anaerobic classes three times per week!

Always a student of personal growth, I began to learn about meditation. With time I incorporated meditation into my stretch classes. At the time I was not aware of yoga.

Unsure what to call my new class, I came up with “body meditation”. When yoga came to the gym many years later, I was in awe and felt I had arrived home. How could it be that I had never discovered these practices that were 4,000 years old?

In May 2004, I completed a 12 month Anusara Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga Kula, a Yoga and Healing Arts center in Berkeley and obtained a Certification with Yoga Alliance.

Feeling very intimidated to teach such a deep practice, I became comfortable when I decided to dedicate more to my own personal practice and just teach what I know.

Today, my practice is an anchor that brings me much peace and healing. Living yoga and creating a life practice is what I wish to inspire.