“Kathy is a wonderful Yoga instructor. Her clear directions and soothing voice guide me to a deep connection with my body and all those micromuscles. I get into a flow state and by the end I say, ” Is it over already?”, then I practically float out the door. She is a deeply knowledgable and truly gifted teacher…. one of the best I’ve ever had ( and I’ve been practicing since the 70’s!) I so appreciate Kathy’s gifts!”
-Vicki  Macdevitt

“I really enjoyed your class tonight and the emphasis on breathing; your home studio, and you, are warm and appealing. Thank you!”  
Fondly, Joan Douma

“Kathy is amazing! She truly has a gift for teaching yoga. I have always worked out with weights but found as I was getting older the recovery time was taking longer along with aches harder to resolve. I had my first yoga class with Kathy and couldn’t believe the results. That pain between the shoulder blades, impossible to reach was gone. Thanks to Kathy I have learned to incorporate yoga as a crucial part of my weight routine. Her sweet caring nature and love for what she does inspires all who work with her.”
-Coy Williams

“The Sunday class at Exertec was the best class I have ever taken. I love love love it. I feel lighter, taller, stronger, and more relaxed for about 48 hours afterwards. I will definitely attend another class in the future.”
– Bryn

“Kathy’s style of teaching yoga is calm and relaxed.   Her gentle reminders on keeping the body aligned through the different asanas, concentrating on breath, and flowing through the practice, are a few of the  reasons I enjoy her so much as a teacher.  Her pleasant demeanor is always uplifting and positive, and her demonstration of the yoga poses seems effortless, but not ego-driven.  She is does not “push” her students, but rather supports us at our own levels.  She recognizes that we are all there for different reasons, include alleviation of chronic pain (as in my case).  I’ve taken yoga for years under the guidance of many teachers, and I am happy to recommend Kathy as teacher who recognizes the uniqueness in her students, and provides instruction that seems to reach everyone in class. Kathy is a teacher who “walks the talk,” and extends her knowledge in a wise and lovely manner.”
– Nanci Caron

Dear Kat,
Your the bestest teacher “”ever”” Your peaceful wisdom is key to our classroom
– Lance 4th grader, Sunrise Montessori

Third grader from Brown’s Valley after school Yoga program said
“Mom I learned in class that if you always think about the past and the future and your not in the moment, you’ll be sad”